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Epidemiological control audit.
It is unfortunate that the issues of the epidemiological control during the
design and planning stages of the hospitals are often forgotten until the
end of the planning and construction, and correction of these issues
either is too complex or too expensive, or both.
Our practices indicate the necessity of the provision of epidemiological
control measures during early planning stages and integration of the
infection control in to the design and operation of the modern hospital.
During the epidemiological control project audit experts inspect flows
separation, surface materials compliance, parameters of the washers-
disinfectors and capacity of the sterilization equipment, laundry service
organization, waste management and cleaning equipment storages.
Our experts posses significant practical knowledge as for the audit of
the projects with elevated epidemiological control measures (infectious
diseases hospitals) and can undertake these types of audits through
the prism of infection control measures as well as develop a system of
recommendation for proper infection control practices, based on the
current situation in the facility.

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