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Audit of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning
systems in the healthcare facilities.

Ventilation system in the hospitals is an integral part of the
epidemiological control and serves to maintain appropriate clean
environments and temperature, relative humidity, air exchange rates, air
velocity and direction.
Major parameters of the HVAC system audit involve inspection of the
main calculated air volumes, air exchange rates, overpressures
strategy and air distribution, types and parameters of the ventilation
equipment, air flow controllers, filters, humidification strategy and air
recirculation, heat recovery and reservation strategy.
Well planned HVAC system allows prevention of the airborne infections
spread, easy maintenance and significantly cheaper operating costs.
There are some common mistakes of the HVAC system in hospitals
that include air exchange rates, air balances, air recirculation concepts,
heat recovery, clean room ventilation and biosafety level laboratory
ventilation. The other major issue concerns noise levels coming from
the ventilation equipment.
Our experts undertake detailed inspection of the major technological
and planning concepts for the HVAC system in accordance to the local
and international standards as well as taking in to consideration the
recommendations of the leading associations as well as WHO and
CDC guidelines.
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health care facilities audit
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