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Planning of the healthcare facilities.
Preplanning and preconstruction stages:

Preliminary planning involves detailed analysis of the documentation
supplied by the Customer, building permits and restrictions, medical
tasks, estimated energy requirements and availability in order to
prepare rationale and necessity of the planned construction or
renovation and indicate its investment attractiveness and possible
restrictions that concern listed or historical buildings limitations, social
impacts, sanitary and ecological considerations.

Medical task forms a basis of starting documentation on which the rest
of the project are performed as consists of the selection of major
requirements set forwards by the customer including architectural
concept and medical technology considerations.

Usually, customer only forms the major requirements: staff and
operating hours, numbers of beds, list of departments and their
functional activity.

Development of technal project documentation

     Based on the medical task, a medical program is prepared that lists
all necessary, departments and individual rooms taking in to account
minimally accepted areas of all functional units and their spatial
orientation, etc.

This information is used for the following planning steps:

- Appropriate allocation of the departments, diagnostic, treatment,
administrative and support services as well as construction site
planning taking in to account technological requirements, insolation,
normal and emergency services access and possible limitations.

- Rational of the building placement (or building complex placement)on
the site,  number of floors, positions of elevators and staircases,
evacuation routes and emergency services access etc.

- Separation of flows within the building and between buildings for
patients, staff, visitors, medical supplies and medical waste etc.
according to local requirements and international recommendations.

- Volume planning and structural planning of the main building and
additional buildings with clear separation of the zones, position of the
departments in accordance to the technological requirements,
insolation requirements and legislative minimums taking in to account
fire safety precautions and construction limitations.

- Preparation of the main lists of technological equipment and furniture
with detailed specifications.

- Based on the experience from the past projects and
recommendations of the professional associations we are able to
suggest typical optimized solutions for various technological problems.
Such lists can be discussed with the Customer's specialist to achieve
tailor made solution, for a specific medical problem.

- Equipment selection in accordance to the planned scope of
procedures and expected loads in accordance to the budgets and in
according to the best price/quality aspect and possibility for further
expansion and development.

- All equipment at this stage is planned with compatible interfaces that
could be integrated in to the medical, laboratory and building
management systems. Selection of the typical tried solutions allows for
easy setup, servicing and maintenance as well as staff training.

- Development of the conceptual position of the equipment and furniture
for approval by the customer's specialists and placement of the
appropriate connections (electrical, low voltage, water and canalization,
medical gases, network, ventilation, etc.)
- Based on the approved position of technological and medical
equipment, detailed technical tasks are prepared for subcontractor
organizations, which are going to perform the installations and
engineering. At this stage technologists calculate expected loads for
electrical, gas, heating, cooling supplies and set out tasks for power
transformers, connection categories, emergency power provision and
uninterrupted power supply capacity.
- This information is combined by a professional medical technologist
who is knowledgeable in the specific field of healthcare project planning.

For engineers and constructors medical technologist supplies the
following information:

- Size and weight parameters of the equipment, necessary openings for
communication and equipment delivery.
- Power consumption and category of connection. Earthing and
potential dissipation.
- Data concerning water consumption and water quality for various
- Data on the medical gases supplies for various consumers within the
- Data on the heat dissipation by the equipment for the compensation
by the conditioning system. Major requirements for ventilation and
microclimate, air cleanliness including "clean rooms" concept.
- Data on the additional shielding from magnetic fields or sources of
ionizing radiation or sources of noise.
- At the planning stage of the project, equipment and furniture is
selected on the conceptual level in order to identify and approximate
costs and budgets and determine the spatial position of the equipment
and connecting points to evaluate the costs of the construction and
installation of the engineering networks etc.

Detailed equipment specification.

- On the working documentation stage, customer's specialists along
with medical technologists select exact models and options for every
piece of the equipment.
- Finalization of the positions of the equipment with finalized
specifications and identified suppliers.
- After finalization of the equipment lists and specification, finalized
medical technology plans are prepared and all necessary connection
points are finalized. During this stage such issues as inappropriate
placement of equipment or inability to delivery of the equipment to the
planned sites are avoided. All specialized connection and fixtures for
the stationary equipment are foreseen.

Technical tasks for the engineering companies include the
following aspects:

- Weight and size of the equipment
- details on the organization of the channels
, opening and specialized connections;
- Connection points and loads for every media required, as well as
category of the connections and reservation factor with exact spatial
- Data on the resources and constancy operation and synchronization
- Characteristics of the expelled medias ( exhaust air volumes,
canalization volumes and temperatures, special canalization for
biohazard of radioactive waste etc.
- Explanatory descriptive note is also prepared, so that subcontractor
engineer are able to grasp the concepts of the construction and
necessary compliance levels.
- Requirements for the architectural and decorative design parameters.
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