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Who and why needs our audit services for medical
Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to grasp the extent of the
technological progress in the field of medicine. Sooner or later every
manager or executive director of the hospital will face with the planning
side of the medicine, either for the reconstruction of the existing
premises, or during planning of the new hospital.

For a busy clinical manager it might be nearly impossible to grasp the
whole complex of the questions that concern engineering aspects of
the health care projects. This situation leads to compromised decisions
and agreement with unreasoned solutions of the technology and
equipment suppliers. Sometime such decisions lead to the unforeseen
consequences and have a negative impact on the final outcome of the
project with unsatisfactory compliance to the international standards
and norms.

Sometimes, directors or executive managers need professional
assistance in the preparation of the medical tasks, medical programs
or technical tasks for certain parts of the project, or they need
assistance in the justification of the technological decisions but there is
no time for going through hundreds of pages of the legislative

Even for the projects with are seemingly smooth and event free
experienced director may decide to get a second opinion about the
project status and progress in order to avoid possible misconceptions
and shortfalls.

On the other hand, the director must understand the importance of the
quality management system in the healthcare industry as well as
importance of the epidemiological control under the conditions of the
increased tendency for the persistence of the antibiotic resistant
pathogenic microorganisms and significant risks associated with
nosocomial infections.

Sometimes our clines want to optimize the staff organization structure,
process control, reduce doubling of the operations and improve the
quality management system in accordance with the internationally
accepted standards that would function irrespectively from the
individual workers. This would involve preparation of the executive
instructions and job descriptions, standard operating procedures and
protocols, as well as corrective and preventative instructions.

Some of our clients understand the importance of the laboratory
accreditation and calculated uncertainty values for their results as well
as validation of the equipment and implemented methodology.

We understand the needs of our clients and can provide necessary
specialists and auditors who are qualified to provide professional
assistance in these fields based on the extensive knowledge and
understanding of the complex international legislation and significant
practical knowledge.

Medical project audit
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