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Audit of the project and healthcare fascilities, laboratories and animal houses for the compliance to the EU and international legislation.

All service providers in the healthcare sector are obliged to implement quality assurance measures aimed at improving the outcome quality. To that effect, they must set up an in-house quality management system and continue to develop this.
                                             Sections 135-137 of Book V on the German Code of Social Law
Who needs our audit services?
Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to grasp the extent of the technological progress in the field of medicine. Sooner ar later every manager or executive director of the hospital will face with the planning side of the medicine, either for the reconstruction of the existing premises, or during planning of the new hospital. Read further >
Stages of the project audits.
In the modern, evidence based medicine, the questions of the competent planning of the facilities play an important role for the future accreditation. Compliance with the EU standards in the field of medicine requires significant knowledge and experience both from the planners and from the customer's sides. Read further >
Accreditation and certification
Accreditation of a healthcare facility is a formal process of official compliance of the hospital or a laboratory, including their premises, equipment and staff qualification to the legislative requirements and recognition that the healthcare facility provides appropriate, safe, accurate and efficient services to the public. Read further >

Audit of the legislative documentation. Read further >
Medical project audit
Medical projects and
health care facilities audit

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