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We offer:
- complex technological audit of the plans, projects and healthcare
- audit of the legislative documentation drafts for the compliance to the
European legislation
- planning and audit of the healthcare facilities or their parts.
- technological planning of the healthcare facilities including selection of
the appropriate technological and medical equipment;
- planning and audit of the research institutions;
- planning and audit of the analytical, production and clinical
- planning and audit of the conventional and SPF animal houses;
- planning and audit of the central sterilization services departments;
- audit of the waste treatment units for hospitals;
- planning and audit of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning
systems for hospitals and laboratories;
- determination of the lead equivalent shielding requirements for ionizing
radiation protection;
- planning and audit of the medical gases supply;
- planning and audit of the water purification systems;
- planing and audit of the possible environmental impact;
- planning and audit of the cleanroom systems and associated
environments (ISO 14644);
-planning and audit of the liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen stores and
- our specialists undertake audits for the compliance to the ISO
9001:2009, ISO 17025, ISO 15189 and ISO 13485, that allows our
customers to make evidence based decisions as for the investments,
technological and medical equipment purchasing as well as start the
preparation for the international accreditation and certification;

Medical project audit
Medical projects and
health care facilities audit

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