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Medical tasks and technical tasks preparation
First of all we would like to reflect on the rational sequence of the
project planning that often is not observed appropriately in the category
3 and 4 type hospital constructions.  

Standard procedure should start from the preparation of the medical
task by the Customer that indicates all major parameters of the future
hospital including departments, treatment methods, numbers of beds
and declared standards compliance.

Based on the medical task, medical technologist along with the
specialists from the customer compiles a detailed medical program
that describes every individual premises, their relations, their equipment
and other critical parameters as well as declared compliance of certain
systems to the appropriate legislative documents and
recommendations. Apart from that, medical program indicated the
criteria of the acceptance for the project documentation, construction
and equipment.

Medical program describes planning and construction stages (if any),
budget figures, milestones and deadlines for the project.

Based on the professionally written medical program, qualified
technologists prepare a full set of technological tasks, taking in to
account recommendations, guidelines and opinion of the customer's
specialists. These tasks describe the requirements to every piece of
the medical and technological equipment and these tasks are used to
run the tenders during supplier selection and purchases.

Our specialists have experience of preparation of the medical tasks,
medical programs and technological tasks for many successful
projects in the health care and pharmaceutical industry implementing
latest requirements of the European legislation, guidelines and
Medical project audit
Medical projects and
health care facilities audit
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